The Best of Wireless Gaming Headsets Arctis Nova Pro Wireless Review

This is a review of the Arctis Nova Pro Wireless wireless gaming headset released by SteelSeries.



The design, supervised by renowned Danish designer Jakob Wagner, is very satisfying and the appearance is very satisfying, with some metal.
I also think that the mechanism that can store the microphone when not needed also contributes to the appearance that is not like a gaming headset.

Headphone. The design is also quite nice.

Functional aspects

The best feature of this product is that it has two USB-C.
However, don’t get me wrong, it doesn’t mean that you can capture the sound of devices connected to USB-C at the same time.

The old GameDAC could capture simultaneous sound via USB and optical connection, but in this product, this role has changed to wireless + Bluetooth.
This is a specification that many wireless gaming headsets released in recent years have adopted.

You can switch between the two USB-C via the wireless base station or automatically if only one model is powered on.

Wireless base station. The front is liquid crystal like GameDAC, and there is no change in the operation feel.

The microphone can be stored in the cup, but Microphone is not muted when retracted
Mic mute has a button on the Left cup.

Control button on the left cup. Even if the microphone is stowed, it needs to be muted with the mute button.

Audio quality (2.4GHz wireless connection)

The sound quality is closer to flat, and the middle tone is slightly suppressed.

Like Arctis Nova Pro Wireless, Sony INZONE H9 (read review here), which supports simultaneous 2.4GHz wireless and Bluetooth connection, and CORSAIR VIRTUOSO RGB Wireless XT (review here) Compared to the CORSAIR VIRTUOSO RGB Wireless XT, you can clearly feel the difference in sound creation.

As for the representation of the sound field, I have the impression that the sound is quite close together, and the sound field of the “CORSAIR VIRTUOSO RGB Wireless XT” seems quite wide, while the sound field of the “INZONE H9” and “Arctis Nova Pro Wireless” seems not so wide, but the “Arctis Nova Pro Wireless” seems to have a wider sound field than “INZONE H9”.

The sound is more flashy than that of the CORSAIR VIRTUOSO RGB Wireless XT, but the bass and treble are not muffled, and I can confirm that the sound is solid and of very high quality.

It has active noise cancellation, but it is not very powerful and is quite low if it is about the sound of the air conditioner.


In terms of microphone sound quality, I feel that it is quite high for a wireless headset.
It also feels like there is almost no difference between the 2.4GHz connection and the Bluetooth connection, and the sound quality is definitely better than the “INZONE H9”.

The microphone is a noise-canceling microphone.

Virtual Surround

The previous GameDAC had DTS Headphone: X v2.0 as a surround sound on the DAC side, but this product can only be enabled when the SteelSeries software “Sonar” is installed via a PC connection. I think it’s safe to assume that this is probably surrounding on the software side.

In the PS5, it will be virtual sound with “Tempest 3D Audio”, which is the genuine PS5, and “Spatial Sound on the Xbox Series X|S” on Xbox.


The DAC material still seems to be easily scratched, and it is not without its weaknesses, but they are minor issues that make it a very good product in terms of both sound quality and functionality, and I think it is safe to say that it is the best Waireless Gaming Headset on the market.

And the Infinity Power System, which features a replaceable battery and one of which can be charged with a wireless base station, is much more convenient than I imagined.

Replaceable battery. It comes with two.

In rare cases, there is a phenomenon that the sound reproduction is buggy, but I hope that it will be fixed by a firmware update. (The wireless environment seems to be affected.)