eXtremeRate Micro Switch Trigger Kit & PS5 Custom Three Tone Button Review

Here’s a quick review of the “Microswitch Trigger Kit” and “Custom Three-Tone Button” released by eXtremeRate.

The “Micro Switch Trigger Kit” is a version that adopts the mouse switch of the trigger kit that has been released for a long time, and the “Custom Three Tone Button” is a button for customizing the appearance that facilitates various color variations while maintaining transparency as in the PS5 default.

Micro Switch – Clicky Hair Trigger Kit for PS5 Controller

This kit is for changing the L1R1L2R2 button to the microswitch adopted in the mouse, and by replacing it, the distance of button pressing is shortened, so that the button can be pressed quickly.

There’s a previously released “Click Hair Trigger Kit (review here),” but the difference is that it feels more clicky and the push is shallower. However, since it sounds exactly the same as a mouse click, the sound is noisy.

Two versions have been released, Strong and Light version, but only L2R2 will change.

On the left is the light version. The switch is different only in the L2R2 part.

DualSense’s proprietary adaptive triggers will no longer work as well as in older products, but they will still be very useful in games where there is no problem.

These switches are manufactured by OMRON, so they are highly reliable.

I think that the installation method is very easy to understand in the video of the official Youtube channel.

Custom three-tone buttons

It is an item to completely customize the appearance, and various coloring is available so you can customize the controller to your liking.

For once, I tried to compare it with the genuine button, but the mark of the button (○△□×) is different, but I think that it is a product that is well made such as molding by three colors and the angle of the button.
There is no particular discomfort even if you actually incorporate it and operate it.

The back of the button. You can confirm that it is three-color molding
Comparison of D-Pad from the side, with different slopes reproduced in different directions.
○ △ □× button also has different slopes depending on the button
Button labels differ from original. Carmine Red model with black base. The label is slightly difficult to see, but the color is unavoidable.

Below is the official implementation video.

Finally, I think it’s a very good product.