SONY INZONE H9 REVIEW (PS5 connection)

This is a review PS5 connection edition of the “INZONE H9” headset released by SONY’s gaming brand “INZONE“. Please check the basic functions, sound quality and PC connection from here.

USB Receiver Switch

The INZONE H9 has a PC/PS5 switch on the USB receiver.

I have verified the difference by using PS5 with mode switching.

PC mode

It is not linked to the volume on the PS5, and functions separately on the headset and the PS5.

The GAME/CHAT balance is disabled on the PS5 side and can be set only on the H9 main unit side.

Microphone level adjustment is possible on the PS5 side, and microphone mute is handled separately on the PS5 and H9. In short, the microphone is activated only when the mute function on the PS5 is turned off and the flip-up microphone is lowered, and it feels like mute with a double layer.

When connecting to the PS5 wirelessly through the receiver and with the Mac via Bluetooth, the balance of GAME/CHAT can be achieved on the H9 and the microphone voice is brought to the Bluetooth.
I think that this behavior itself is correct because it will be in a form where you can listen to the game sound of PS5 while using VC software such as Discord on the Bluetooth connection side, and in a sense I think that it is normal behavior if you think about it as PC mode.

PS5 mode

When the receiver is connected in PS5 mode, the volume and GAME/CHAT balance are linked to the PS5.

The microphone can also be turned on / off just by operating the flip-up microphone, and there is no need to operate the mute button of the main unit or controller.

GAME/CHAT balance will not function when simultaneously connected to a Bluetooth device. If you describe this accurately, only the volume adjustment on the GAME side (PS5) will work.
However, microphone audio is taken to the Bluetooth side in the same way as in PC mode.


I felt for a moment that there was a difference in sound quality between PC mode and PS5 mode, but it is difficult to judge because it feels like the volume standard is simply different. In any case, there is no impression that the sound quality has obviously dropped, so I think that is a part that can be used with confidence.

The difference in behavior between these modes can be set according to the user’s environment and purpose.

If you are playing games on PS5 and using VC on Discord etc., you feel that “PC” mode is easier to adjust, and if you are simply using it only on PS5, it is best to use it in “PS5” mode.

It is a pity that the equalizer function on the PS5 will not work in either mode (the setting item itself will not be displayed), but I feel that something like “INZONE Hub” that can only be used on PC can be used on the PS5.