This is a review of “Final Fantasy XVI,” the latest in the Final Fantasy series.
The producer is Naoki Yoshida, who is also in charge of “Final Fantasy 14,” a game that has been so successful that it is no exaggeration to say that it supports the current Square Enix, so there are high expectations for this game.

The main and sub-quests are well described in detail, but there are some noticeable omissions.

As for the main story, from the beginning to the end of the game, I think that the conflict between nations and the personal circumstances of the dominants who have the power to use summoned beasts are well described in a reasonable way.
However, the final part of the story is very boring, as all the elements up to that point seem to suddenly disappear and the story becomes a so-called “FF”-like world-saving story with no twists and turns.

The side quests themselves are not very interesting and boring at the beginning of the game, but from the middle of the game, there are more and more descriptions of the characters involved in the main storyline, the changes in the world, and the slaves called “bearers” in the world of this game, and the story itself is not so bad.
However, the gameplay is monotonous in each quest.

On the other hand, the descriptions that have been left out have been conspicuous.
For example, there are scenes in which the heroine of this work, a female character named “Jill,” reveals her feelings toward the country that was forcibly used as a dominant player, but because there are few explanations or descriptions for the player, there are scenes that show a disconnect with the player’s feelings. In this work, a 14-year gap occurs from the events of the protagonist “Clive’s” youth, which is the beginning of the work, but the description for this part of the work seems rather crude and missing.

Overall, I have the impression that the game does not focus on making the player experience the emotions and feelings of the characters in sync with the player, and instead focuses on “just watch this story”. (I have the impression that the player is left out of the story, or that he/she is being shown a movie.)

Good action and a diluted RPG system.

This is the first time in the series that full-scale action is used in this game.
Personally, I feel that this is not a bad thing, and it is a good direction to go in, as I do not want to play boring and simple command battles now, and it would be meaningless if the game were to become the same as “FINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE”. The action itself is well done, but since the expansion of action patterns is tied to summons, it is inevitably affected by the progress of the main storyline.

On the other hand, the RPG system has been diluted considerably by the full-scale adoption of action.

The equipment is very simple and minimal, and the level element is almost a decoration, so it is not possible to raise the level to fight against strong enemies, as is often the case in RPGs. Therefore, although the action aspect of this game is not a soul-like game, it may be tough for some players who get stuck and have no choice but to retry again.

Graphic and Cut Scene aspects that are not the best

At first glance, the level of graphics may seem quite high, but if you look at the details, you will see that it is not as high as recent AAA titles.

For example, the level of character facial motion is not the best. (Especially female characters).

In addition, cutscenes are clearly low level in some areas, and in the conversation scenes during side quests, the characters are only shown with alternating camera angles from the front diagonal with the characters facing forward, which is an area that can be described as low level.

The effects are noteworthy for their spectacular presentation, and overall, I can say that they are well done.

Summons Battle

Summoner battles are one of the most attractive features of this title.
While the effects are certainly flashy and spectacular, and certainly a part of the “FF”-like experience, there are some problems: the effects are too flashy, making it difficult to determine what is happening, and the overall battle time is too long. I think I’m ready for a second go-around.

What is required of “FF” works

Personally, I still want “FF” to have some kind of impact on the game industry.

In that sense, I was disappointed that the system of this work has many aspects that feel like déjà vu, and I felt that it was not a work in which I could feel any outstanding aspects.

There is no doubt that there are some aspects of the story and action that can be given a fair amount of credit, but in all respects, this is a work that is hardly the best of its kind.