God of War Ragnarök review

This is a review of God of War: Ragnarök, the sequel to the previous God of War game, which takes place in an all-new system and world, familiar to all with Kratos, one of PlayStation’s iconic characters This review will be played on PlayStation 5.

Minimally changing system

It is a system that inherits the system that was completely renewed in the previous game “God of War“, and although there are some changes such as one more weapon of the main character Kratos and a scene where he controls his son Atreus, who becomes his partner, it does not give enough “newness” compared to the previous game.

In addition, The world in which the adventure takes place will also be exactly the same as in the previous work, although there will be some changes in the snowy landscape and routes due to the coming of the Fimbulwinter toward Ragnarok, the end of the world.

Midgard was the base of the previous work. It has become a world covered in ice and snow.

As in the previous work, there is no change in the fact that the map is made up of a single road with exploration elements scattered throughout and in accordance with the storyline.

A work that is purely a continuation of the previous work

The best part of this game is undoubtedly the story.

The relationship between father and son and interaction with the gods of various Norse myths are depicted in the same way as the previous work, but the world situation has changed, and it feels more profound. The interactions between each character are rich in variation, with some funny interactions.

In addition, each character is played by an actor, and although this game is not the only game with reliable acting skills and high-quality graphics expressed in the characters, and the production that seamlessly connects playable parts and cutscenes, we are reminded of the evolution of technology and the improvement of the player experience.

The main characters Kratos (left) and Faye (right). Faye is played by Deborah Ann Wall, who has appeared in Daredevil and others.
From cutscenes. The graphics of the people are also quite high-level.

Load to feel the influence of the PS4 version

Like the previous game, Yggdrasil will be visited between worlds, but here the destination loading is done behind the scenes, and I think that the player has succeeded in reducing the stress of the player by adding dialogue, but I feel that the PS5 environment would have made it possible to move between worlds more smoothly. Of course, on PS5 you can move it immediately after the conversation ends.

Yggdrasil will visit during the world change that existed in the previous work.

Gorgeous graphics, story, and challenging game mechanics and action

Although it is not a major change from its predecessor, it is definitely a game that deserves high praise for its already impressive system, moderately rewarding combat, powerful direction, attractive story, and gorgeous graphics by PS5. If you haven’t played the previous game, please play from the previous game.

The precision of the snowy landscape. The expression of the trail where the character walked also feels quite realistic.
Rock graphics. With the effect of lighting, it is no longer a real image.